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How to recognise a Cambridge International school

There have been many stories of the fly-by-night institution that claims to be something it’s not. Offering bogus qualifications while syphoning thousands out of individuals. The rise of online anything makes it easier to hack and manipulate. Making the digital crooked school an easy get-rich-quick scheme. 
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Recognise a real Cambridge School

The fancier the brand the more enticing it is and the more likely it is to be used as bait. Cambridge is one of those names — an internationally accredited exam board fully owned and operated by the University of Cambridge.

UCT Online High School launched a Cambridge International curriculum!

How do you know that our Cambridge curriculum course is legit?

Firstly, we are a University of Cape Town product. The university’s integrity is what makes us what we are. Secondly, and more importantly, becoming a registered part of the Cambridge community of schools requires a rigorous assessment, one that we took on diligently. There are very few online schools that are Cambridge accredited and this is because very few are well-equipped and designed well enough to meet the high-quality standards that Cambridge demands. Ours is. 

How to identify Cambridge curriculums?

You can identify an accredited school by the corporate logo that Cambridge provides, a wall plaque and a Cambridge Centre number that the organisation should have. Be wary of any that can’t provide you with that number.

Find out more about the Cambridge curriculum

If you’d like to find out more about our new Cambridge international curriculum feel free to contact one of our friendly Admissions Consultants.

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