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Why is Cambridge a good choice for a South African student?

University readiness, critical skills development and deep subject expertise: These are some of the top reasons why Cambridge is a good choice for South African learners.
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Synonymous with international study – and one of the top UK universities – Cambridge International schooling may not be the first option that jumps to mind for South African families. But the curriculum has a lot to offer locals. 

As a leading online high school in South Africa, we value the benefits the Cambridge International curriculum has to offer our learners, and how it sets them up for lifelong success. 

In addition to the international opportunities the Cambridge approach offers, it creates a solid foundation for academic achievement and ongoing personal and professional development. That’s because the approach pairs deep subject matter expertise with thinking and problem-solving skills, and seeks to cultivate a lifelong thirst for knowledge and learning.

As a Cambridge learner, your child will: 

  1. gain confidence in what they’re learning
  2. have opportunities to apply knowledge, make arguments and think critically
  3. learn responsibility 
  4. practice innovative problem-solving
  5. cultivate a growth mindset
  6. prepare for a globalised world.

Here are some of the top reasons why Cambridge is a strong choice for South African families.

1) It fosters deep learning

With a vast array of subjects on offer – as many as 70 at the IGCSE level – Cambridge gives your child the chance for a broad and well-rounded learning experience. Once at the advanced level, they can delve even deeper into their learning, with a handful of specialised subjects. 

All the while, they’ll benefit from a learning approach that emphasises autonomy, self-directed study and exploration, and research. This challenges learners to dive deeper into subjects, explore their passions and master the material.

Not only does this approach deepen their learning outcomes, but it sets the stage for a love of lifeline learning. 

2) It helps them develop critical thinking skills

But while the Cambridge approach is rooted in theory, it challenges learners beyond mere rote learning. Through engaging learning experiences and thought-provoking challenges, students are encouraged to think analytically, solve complex problems, and approach issues from multiple perspectives. 

This emphasis on higher-order thinking skills like critical thinking and problem-solving prepares Cambridge learners to tackle real-world challenges with confidence and creativity. And in today's ever-changing world, these skills are crucial for success.

3) It’s respected worldwide

While international study might not be the top curriculum criteria for some South African families, the international appeal of Cambridge schooling still holds great value. 

Cambridge International is recognised for its academic rigour and comprehensive subjects. The qualifications offered by Cambridge are well-respected by universities and businesses globally.

With the international recognition of these qualifications, Cambridge provides learners with access to a wide range of opportunities for further education and career development.

4) It prepares learners for a globalised world

And alongside that global recognition, Cambridge learners are also prepared to succeed in a globalised world. 

The curriculum is flexible, meaning that schools can choose how they offer the programmes and teachers can make use of relevant examples drawn from student’s local context and culture. 

That being said, Cambridge International's subject content is multicultural. And given the focus on holistic learning, including creativity, critical thinking, empathy and collaboration, learners cultivate the skills and mindset needed to excel in a globalised world. 

Added to that is a focus on cultural awareness and global citizenship: all of which set the foundation for well-rounded learners who’ll contribute positively to our interconnected world.

5) It prepares them for the university environment

The phases of the Cambridge Pathway build upon each other, deepening learning and cultivating critical skills. It has a rigorous and well-rounded curriculum, which provides a solid academic foundation. 

Added to that, the advanced stages of the Cambridge Pathway hone the skills needed for successful university studies, such as research, lateral thinking and self-directed study. With their rigorous preparation at AS and A Levels, students are equipped to excel in their chosen fields of study and to keep up with the academic demands of university studies.

To learn more about what your child needs to study in South Africa with a Cambridge International qualification, read our article on matric exemption requirements for Cambridge learners.

Getting started with Cambridge

Between its well-recognised curriculum, reputation for excellence and commitment to child-centred learning, Cambridge International schooling benefits all learners, no matter where they are in the globe. 

To learn more about the benefits of Cambridge schooling for South Africans, read our guide, or reach out to a member of our Admissions Team.

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