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The Real Cost
of High School

A comprehensive guide that will make your preparations for the financial transition to high school much easier.

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What’s Inside?

  • Statistics on the financial benefits of investment in education.
  • Tips on finding high school tuition funding opportunities and savings plans.
  • A cost calculator resource that allows you to calculate your family budget and provides scenarios on possible schooling options.
  • Four steps to working out what high school is right for your family.
  • Considerations around the hidden costs of schooling.
  • A curated list of South African and international guides on selecting a high school.
  • A printable checklist to help you evaluate up to five schools.


Preparing for High School is challenging, whether your child is in grade 7 or much younger. If your child is already in High School, you'll know that there is a lot to consider and it can be confusing, even overwhelming — especially when it comes to costs. This free guide focuses primarily on the real financial cost of schooling options in South Africa, taking all of the expenses into account. It takes a pragmatic approach to addressing the challenges associated with the rising cost of high school in South Africa, and it provides practical guidance through associated tools to help you make informed decisions.
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Authored by:

Martin Hall

Emeritus Professor at the UCT GSB, and Strategic Advisor for Valenture Institute

Thomas Wrigley

Blended Learning Specialist and Education Researcher at Valenture Institute

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