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Introducing our Comprehensive Review of 12 Leading Online High Schools

If you’re considering an online high school for your child, but you’re finding it hard to tell how they all compare — we’ve developed a comprehensive review of 12 leading online high schools to help you decide.
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Introducing our Comprehensive Review of 12 Leading Online High Schools

Online schooling has gained immense popularity in recent years, offering families a lot more choice outside of brick-and-mortar schooling. But, many online high school options have emerged pre and post-COVID, making it difficult to make an informed decision. Are all online high schools the same, and what criteria should you use to make the right decision for your family? 

To help you make an informed decision, we have created a comprehensive guide that compares 12 leading online high schools. Whether you're based in South Africa or open to international options, this guide covers all the essential factors you need to consider.

How will the guide help me choose an online high school? 

If you are considering online high schools and have found it difficult to compare them side by side — you are not alone. Our admissions team regularly notes that families have questions about how online high schools differ. This is why we have taken all of the available information provided by 12 online high schools and compiled them in such a way that you can easily compare them and come to a decision that is right for your child and your family. 

What schools are included in the guide?

We’ve taken 9 locally-based or “home-grown” online high schools and 3 internationally-based online high schools and compared them side by side using 8 criteria. The results offered are not a ranking, but rather a set of parameters to help you decide what is right for your family. Is flexibility as important as cost? Or are you more interested in the parent-school interface and how this compares across schools? Perhaps you just really want to understand how the learning models differ between schools. Our guide will help you compare.

Our “home-grown” options:

  1. Brainline Cloud School
  2. Teneo Online School
  3. Cambrilearn
  4. Think Digital Academy
  5. Curro Online High School
  6. UCT Online High School
  7. Impaq Online School
  8. Koa Academy 
  9. Evolve Online School

Our international options:

  1. Stanford Online High School
  2. Crimson Global Academy
  3. King’s Interhigh

Our 12 Leading Online High Schools Compared Guide will allow you to: 

  • Go beyond subjective rankings — get access to 8 criteria, including things like flexibility, cost of study, learning model, language medium and parent-school interface, to help you compare online high schools side by side and make a personalised choice that is right for your family. 
  • Get a comprehensive overview of all of the 12 online high schools listed in one central location. 
  • Make a choice that is right for your family. 

Download the free guide here.

If you know of other parents or guardians who are struggling to compare online high schools, feel free to share this guide with them. You can also reach out to one of our Admissions Consultants for general advice or insights on what online learning can do for you and your child.

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