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High School Cost Calculator

Our free calculator will provide you with a view of what you will have available to spend on the costs of High School.
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How does it work?

The cost Calculator is made up of two parts: "The High school cost calculator" and the "Disposable income calculator".

The High school cost calculator:
  • Input your disposable income.
  • Input the available income you're able to spend on schooling.
  • Input the number of children that you have.
  • Input expenses for both traditional and online schooling.
  • Look at scenarios of possible schooling options to suit your budget
Disposable income calculator:
  • Input your income.
  • Input your expenses.
  • The calculator will provide "remaining funds" as a way to support you to think about how much you're able to spend on schooling.
  • This tab aims to support you if you're unsure about the available funds you can spend on schooling.

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