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Is online learning a good fit for me?

Perhaps you’ve been wondering whether online learning is a good fit for you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five reasons why doing things the UCT Online High School way makes a whole lot of sense.
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Is online learning a good fit for me? 

Perhaps you’ve been wondering whether online learning is a good fit for you? What will it take to be successful in this space? How will you learn? Will you have help and support? Do you have the chops to make it work? Well, we’ve outlined what it would take. Read through and find out if these are things you have or are willing to learn.

Independent learning 

Online learning, by nature, requires a lot of independent learning. We provide the content, we provide support, we set the standards, deadlines and assessments dates. We then provide remediation where necessary. You need to ensure that you learn the material, show up for Cycle Tests and Exams, and attend remediation sessions if you need to. Being used to the traditional school system, this might seem like a lot of responsibility, but if you look at it as gaining life skills then it doesn’t seem so daunting. Think about it this way, university life and/or going into the workforce, you need to be able to take charge of your studies or career path, the earlier you get started, the better and this is a good way to practise, with some  support. This might not be a skill you have right now, but it can surely be learnt, along with learning to manage your time effectively.

Time management skills

Whether you are studying part-time as an Adult Matric learner or are a full-time high school learner, you need to use your time efficiently to properly balance your school work and your life outside of school. This means having a schedule and sticking to it. Learning to prioritise the important things and giving yourself enough time to relax and reset.

Technology skills

We live in a digital age and spend increasingly more of our lives online. The time, calendars, maps, dictionaries, whole libraries and now institutions can be found on one of our many devices. Learning online might seem like such a foreign part of the support you receive as a UCT Online High School learner, but we do need you to be able to work your machine and equipment so that we can support you learn at your convenience.  


Benefits of online learning

Learning at your own convenience is only one of the many benefits of online learning. The level of responsibility that comes with this learning system is on its own a great plus. Many of our learners and guardians are amazed at the unexpected change and growth they’ve witnessed in themselves or their children. The other great aspects of learning at UCT Online High School are that it’s easily accessible, provides flexibility, comes with constant support, has a customised learning experience and saves you money.


While things like high data costs and load shedding create a barrier to learning online, it is, on the whole, a lot more accessible than needing to go to a physical classroom and waiting on an educator to learn. Our video and other rich media content are available for you to study when you need to. 



Accessing your learning material and studying it when you can provides you with the flexibility you might need to pursue other interests or take care of responsibilities. Do you want to become a swimming champ or do you have to clock in? You can. Maybe you learn better in the wee hours of the morning or in the stark darkness of the night. That’s cool too. Just so long as you meet your deadlines and come prepared for your Cycle Tests and Exams. And if you need help, we’ve got you!  

Ongoing support

We have an amazing team of Academic Support staff that provides the learning material and remediation measures, accountability partners in the form of equally amazing Support Coaches who will help keep you on track with your studies and a superb team of Technical Support Officers who will be available to help you when links and buttons don’t do what you were expecting they would. 

Customised learning

We follow a Structured Flexibility model. Keeping in mind the weekly deadline to complete a module and the dates for any assessment, Cycle Tests and Exam blocks you can use the time in between to pursue other passions . You can customise your learning experience to suit your needs, pursuits and responsibilities. And all this at a nominal cost. 

Cost effective  

For private education, in partnership with the best university in Africa, UCT Online High School is very affordable and is the most affordable Cambridge International school on the continent! When you remove the rising cost of petrol, uniform, creative lunches, the cost drops significantly lower.

What makes UCT Online High School’s online learning different?

Online learning is a fairly new idea for secondary education but there are already few options available. You’ve made it this far and have realised that you have the right chops to make it as an online learner, now you are wondering if we are the best choice for you. We probably are! Here are five reasons why doing things the UCT Online High School way makes a whole lot of sense.

1.  We put you first

We understand that academics is about so much more than just content. Support is a big part of the journey. Our multi-layered support system gives our learners all the encouragement, tools and support they need to master their own destiny.

2.  We’re breaking all the rules

UCT Online High School was created to solve the many problems school systems face and accelerate access to education to unleash Africa’s potential. This is no small task and to achieve this at scale, we’ve had to re-imagine how the school of the future looks and functions. We’ve done that and get better everyday. 

3.  We’ve got the gaps covered

At UCT Online High School, learners can’t progress to the next module without mastering the one that came before it. This is called mastery-based progression, and it ensures that learners don’t progress with gaps in their learning. Where gaps start to form, we use data to determine precisely when to jump in and assist, offer remediation, so that no learner gets left behind.

4.  No one gets left behind

The age of the internet is well and truly upon us. Our advanced learning analytics and engaging content ensure that learners are brilliantly equipped to excel in an increasingly digital world.

5.  Our school was built on purpose

We’re not offering a temporary fix to a temporary problem. Our expert team of Learning Designers, Learning Technologists and Data Analysts have worked with the best Learning Facilitators in the country to design engaging learning paths that are purpose-built for online learning.

There are many advantages to learning online and even more to learning at UCT Online High School. Whether you would like to join us for our local CAPS curriculum, the world-renowned Cambridge International or our Adult Matric Programme, UCT Online High School has a great fit for you.

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If you’ve still got questions, or need some more guidance, please contact one of our friendly Admissions Consultants on +27 21 140 1792 or email; they’ll be more than happy to assist! You can also download the info pack for any of our offerings here for more information.

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