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Online since 2022. Upgrading 2023...

We’re pleased to say that we’ll be making some key upgrades that will come into effect from the beginning of the 2023 school year, to better the way we teach the youth of South Africa.
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What is changing at UCT Online High School in 2023

At UCT Online High School, we’re constantly working hard at making things better for our learners and guardians! This means reviewing what we do, taking advantage of the best innovations in tech and, above all, listening to our community. 

We’re pleased to say that we’ll be making some key upgrades that will come into effect from the beginning of the 2023 school year, to better the way we teach the youth of South Africa. 

More structure

We’re introducing more structure, with defined terms within an academic year, scheduled breaks, weekly assignment deadlines, weekly module release, and all the flexibility in between — we’re calling this “Structured Flexibility” — the freedom to work within well-defined boundaries. 

New weekly work plans

In line with Structured Flexibility, we will guide learners with weekly work plans, helping them manage their time better. Curriculum and Online Campus Updates will see more videos added, a more streamlined learning path, and content chunked into 45-minute lessons.

Learning rewards and gamification

We're putting the earn into learning thanks to our new learning rewards and gamification programme.  Launching in the new school year, the points accumulated have real value and can be redeemed in a bespoke storefront.

New multi layer support systems

Learning online can be tough. There’s no educator in the room to stop learners from looking at their phones, no timetable to tell them when to move from class to class, and little to stop the outside world from interrupting their learning. That's where our multi-layer support comes in. Along with our crew of motivating Support Coaches, who are there to excite, inspire and encourage good learning habits, Dynamic Academic Support will be provided in the form of subject facilitation in discussion forums, weekly Ask Me Anything sessions and Mastery Boot Camps for learners who fail their informal assessments.

New subject specialists and learning facilitators

We are restructuring the roles and responsibilities of some of our team members. Rather than relying on the skill set of an individual teacher, we’ve created teams of qualified Subject Specialists and Learning Facilitators to design dynamic learning content and assessments for each subject. 

A new grading process

We’ve upgraded our grading process to improve moderation and to make grades available to learners and guardians faster.

New guardian support

Guardian Orientation will now be introduced to better equip guardians to support their learners in an online learning environment. Plus, our brand new and exclusive Guardian Mobile App will launch in January to assist guardians in keeping track of learner progress, with scheduled enhancements to be rolled out throughout the year. How exciting!

These enhancements and continuous updates to the way we do things at UCT Online High School will free learners to unleash their potential, enabling them to realise their ambitions and build their futures!

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