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Online learning tips from Teachers and Support Coaches

Remote learning can be tough, especially if you've recently made the transition from a traditional school. To help learners, and guardians too, adjust to their new and exciting learning lifestyles we went straight to the experts, our helpful and supportive Teachers and Support Coaches.
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Our best online learning tips for High School students

1. Plan your week 

Set aside time at the beginning of the week to set goals you'd like to complete by the end of the week. Ensure that your weekly timetable is ready for action. Prioritise your subjects and due dates that need to be finished first, and worked on the most. Be as specific as possible, for example, "09:00 - 09:50 Complete English Module 4 Test Your Knowledge".

2. Make visual reminders of your goals and priorities

Use a small whiteboard, chalkboard or pinboard and creative visual reminders of your goals and priorities. Add post-it notes, cut-outs or use brightly coloured pens and markers, have fun with it! Not only will this help you stay focused, but you'll also love cleaning your board or ticking off your to-do list at the end of the day or week when you've achieved what you set out to do.

3. Check your learner emails and Google Calendar daily

Make it a priority to check your emails and calendar first thing in the morning to be reminded of any important news or upcoming events.

4. Note-taking is important, but should not take up all your time

Remember to make concise key notes that will jog your memory, helping you to recall easily. Don't just copy everything down.

5. Keep it light and fun! 

Can you make up a silly rhyme or draw a stickman to illustrate your point? Keeping your work fun will help you to recall information later and make learning more enjoyable.

6. Activate your senses 

Your sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses for triggering memory. When studying a certain subject pair it with a certain scent/smell. Then when revising or writing a test/exam have that scent/smell around you for better recall.

7. Take meaningful breaks

As you would in a traditional school, it is important to schedule breaks. Ensure you take some time away (2 x 20-30 minute breaks) from your screen and schoolwork to rest and reset. This will help with feelings of frustration or stress. You'll come back with fresh eyes and a clear mind to help you tackle the rest of your day.

8. Take a moment to move 

Set an alarm and get up every hour. Take 5 minutes to stand up and gently stretch your neck, back and legs. 

9. Make your learning sessions more enjoyable

Listen to your favourite (non-distracting 😉) music, have some fresh fruit, yummy snacks, or something enjoyable to drink, if you'd like, while you work through your content.

10. Master online schooling

Take into account the number of days needed for marking to be completed for each subject's Mastery Check. This way you can be prepared and work ahead on other subjects in the meantime. This way you'll stay on pace with them, which will give you time to catch up with the other subjects once you receive your grade.

Find a balance between putting in the work, and getting the necessary time to rest.

11. Know when to reach out for help

Check in daily with your Teacher to receive important notices and some inspiration to get your day started off on a high. Know what to focus on with our Weekly Learning Compass Sessions and join our Group AMAs to get extra help with your modules and learn from your peers.

12. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself with something you enjoy doing can be a good way to keep yourself motivated. Whenever you've reached a milestone or accomplished what you've had planned for a particular study session/day/week, you can reward yourself with something positive. Love gaming? Reward yourself with 30 minutes of uninterrupted gaming time. 

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