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The Real Cost of High School: UCT Online High School Releases Free Guide

UCT Online High School releases a comprehensive guide on the real cost of high school in South Africa. Read more to discover how you can prepare financially for the transition to high school.
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Ultimate guide of the real cost of UCT Online High School

Whether you are a single parent, part of a dual-income household, or have been saving for your children’s education for years, sending them to high school is still likely to account for a significant chunk of your monthly budget. School fees are just part of the total cost of high school. Other expenses like uniforms, books, lunch, transport, and extra-curriculars also need to be factored into your financial planning. 

School is expensive — but it’s not an expense. It is one of the most powerful investments you can make, with the highest returns for your child. In service of this, UCT Online High School in collaboration with Valenture Institute has compiled a a free guide,  authored by:

  • Martin Hall, Emeritus Professor at the UCT GSB, and Strategic Advisor for Valenture Institute
  • Thomas Wrigley, Blended Learning Specialist and Education Researcher at Valenture Institute. 

The guide provides comprehensive guidelines that will make your preparations for the financial transition to high school much easier.

What’s inside this cost guide?

The Real Cost of High School guide takes a pragmatic approach to addressing the challenges associated with the rising cost of high school in South Africa, and it provides practical guidance through associated tools.

What’s inside? 

  • Four steps that you can follow to align your options with your available income and to narrow your choices to those that are within your means. 
  • The guide is also linked to a high school cost calculator that can help you add up the numbers to give you a clear, simple view of what your options are.

The authors of the guide stress that cost is a necessary condition that defines the opportunities open to you; once you have established the financial possibilities, you will be in a strong position to take the specific needs of you and your children into account.

Download the free guide here

The money you spend on education benefits your children and improves their career potential. It also benefits society in general, improving our country’s prospects and reducing inequality. As such, it’s more important than ever that affordable, high quality education is available to South African families. UCT Online High School offers South Africa’s most affordable CAPS curriculum. To learn more, download our information pack.

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