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UCT Online High School hosts Video Game Day for learners

In celebration of Video Game Day, UCT Online High School hosted a fun-filled afternoon for their learners, jam-packed with all their favourite video games. And, where a Grade 10 learner took on a Southern Hemisphere Tekken Champion — and won!
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Video game day

Video games have been deeply embedded in popular culture since they took off in the 1970s and 1980s when they became more affordable and easily accessible to everyone. From then, video game development has become more technologically innovative and has advanced the art of the game. Big arcade machines are now compact consoles and handheld devices that can be played from anywhere, connecting millions of people worldwide. 

The offical video game day

Video Game Day, which takes place annually on 8 July, is an unofficial holiday declared by gamers. The day honours and celebrates the past, the present and the future of the gaming industry, as it continues to grow and technology keeps enhancing the virtual experience. In recent years, gaming has become more than a hobby for millions, but also a profitable profession through organised gaming leagues and online streaming. 

Join the fun

Not only is it super easy to join in the celebration, but super fun too! All you need to do is fire up your gaming console of choice, load your favourite video game and immerse yourself in the incredible graphics. Or you can get together with gamers across the world, for gaming marathons or gaming conventions. It’s also the perfect excuse to spend time with friends and family, engaging in friendly competition over a video game or two. Or for making new friends in the gaming space. And it’s the best time to learn more about video games, gaming development and exploring future careers within the gaming industry.

How UCT Online High School celebrated video game day

This year, we celebrated Video Game Day with our learners in Johannesburg. A fun-filled afternoon that saw some friendly competition between old and new friends, and a fierce battle against Southern Hemisphere Tekken Champion, Miguel Macabi. Miguel, a pro gamer from Mozambique, has made a name for himself by competing in a number of gaming tournaments. He faced up against our Grade 10 learner, Omolemo Masibi in a game of Tekken. Our very own, Omolemo came out victorious against the Tekken Champ. He went home a winner with a brand new PS4 double motor controller.

Want to get in on the fun of UCT Online High School? Applications are now open for 2023. Apply here to join their growing community of learners and guardians.

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