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UCT Online High School Applicant Declaration

Without prejudice to the terms of this application for admission, I make the following declarations:
1.I am the lawful parent or guardian of the applicant. If I am a minor, I have the consent of my legal parent(s) / guardian.

2. I accept, agree and understand that UCT Online High School may: keep and process data and documents in electronic format; including the personal data supplied by me in this application form; use and transfer such data and use such documents in electronic or other formats for UCT Online High School’s purposes consistent with my relationship and that of the applicant (if not one in the same) including submission of data to the relevant recognition / accreditation / examining bodies for my curriculum; process my personal information in accordance with its rules and policies for academic and administrative purposes, including disciplinary processes.

3. I accept, agree and understand that, if the applicant is currently enrolled in a secondary school, UCT Online High School may communicate with the school about the application details with the purpose of supporting the application.

4. I accept, agree and understand the Admissions Policy.

5. As the legal authority over the applicant, I waive all claims against UCT Online High School for: any damage or loss suffered as a consequence of the learner being enrolled as a UCT Online High School learner and / or arising out of loss or destruction of, or damage to, any property belonging to me or the applicant.

6. The applicant has not been expelled, rusticated, or excluded from any other school.

7. I hold myself responsible for: the payment of all fees and charges due and payable by me to UCT Online High School and any arrears as defined in the Information Pack.

8.The information given on this form is complete and accurate.