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Is online schooling safe?

When it comes to choosing which school to send your loved one to, no question is more important than this one: Is online schooling safe?
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Safety is our number one priority

Your child’s safety is our number one priority. Like any brick and mortar school, we focus on providing a safe and healthy environment for our learners to thrive in. This means we have strict policies and rules which underpin all levels of engagement throughout our school. 

Zero tolerance to bullying

At UCT Online High School, we’re strongly committed to offering an all-inclusive learning experience, one which celebrates uniqueness and individuality but has a zero-tolerance towards any form of bullying.

Our Learner Code of Conduct is made clear to all learners from the outset. Furthermore, should members of the learning community ever encounter engagement online which is not appropriate, they can report the exact piece of engagement to their Support Coach immediately. 

Support coaches

Most importantly, your Support Coach will always be on hand to regularly check in with your child, making sure that they feel heard, seen and safe.

Safeguarding policy

For more information, download our comprehensive Safeguarding of Children policy from our Handbook & Policies list.

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