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Online school: Are there hidden costs?

Schools are in the business of answering questions, some of them big, some of them small, all of them important. This one is close to our hearts.
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Are there hidden costs at UCT Online High school?

Nope. We believe in being forthright and upfront. As a guardian, you’ve got enough on your plate to worry about besides being hit with pesky hidden costs.


We offer two curriculums at UCT Online High School; CAPS and Cambridge International.

While costs may differ between our SA National Senior Certificate and Cambridge International curriculum, those are our set costs. That includes digital learning content,  learner access to our Online Campus and digital tools (such as Google Meets), support from Support Coaches, a wide range of subjects to choose from, opt-in Ask Me Anything Sessions with teachers, weekly progress reports, Virtual Clubs, Cycle Tests and all internal examinations.

While there are no hidden costs, there are additional things you will have to pay for

Aside from stationary requirements, you will also be paying fees levied by external examination bodies, or should your child wish to take on extra subjects. 

If your child chooses to take any additional subjects within the respected curriculum, additional fees will be charged per subject. The price of adding subjects will differ depending on the offering. Find out more about the exact costs of each offering here.


At UCT Online High School we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, future-fit education, using the latest online technology and learner models – all at an affordable price. Not only that, but we ensure that each learner is able to have the support of their peers through Daily Check-Ins and weekly Learning Compass sessions with their Support Coach. Learners also have the option to attend Ask Me Anything sessions with their teachers. 

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