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How will online learning impact my child’s social skills?

The times they are a-changin' and today’s youth are spending vastly more time online than ever before.
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Does online learning affect social skills?

If the future is digital, then it is our job to ensure that the next generation is adequately prepared to thrive in such an environment. Accordingly, online schooling provides a safe and fun platform in which to learn and connect with the rest of the world using the latest technology on offer.


How does UCT Online High School ensure children stay social?

Our learners have the unique opportunity to build a community and make friends from all over the country, the world, through participation in learner-led virtual clubs, weekly assemblies, bi-weekly fireside chats, group academic sessions and learner-led study groups.


Not only that, but many learners meet up face-to-face – at their discretion, and with permission from their parents, of course. Through engagement on the online campus, learners get to know their peers who live geographically close to them, which allows them to organise learner-led hangouts.


It’s our experience that given the right support, learners thrive in an online schooling environment where they can interact with like-minded peers from all over the country. 

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