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How can I be sure that my child is actually doing their school work

The key to every child’s future success lies within. It’s our job to nurture our learners by providing the best educational platform and support system possible, for them to unlock their potential.
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The mastery based progression method

At UCT Online High School we nurture our learners every step of the way but also believe strongly in self-discipline and self-mastery. Learners can’t progress to the next module without mastering the one that came before it. This mastery-based progression ensures that learners do not progress with gaps in their learning, which is imperative for success in subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It also means learners need to learn how to work at a set pace, while still giving them room to get ahead in subjects that they love. 

Proximal development zone

Our goal is to keep each learner in the zone of proximal development, this is where they are constantly challenged just the right amount to stay both interested and focused. We don’t want any learner to feel unmotivated because they are stuck and confused and equally, we don’t want any learner to feel bored because the work is too easy. We want them stimulated, motivated and engaged. 

How we know how a learner is working?

We do this by using real-time data to track how each learner is doing. To prevent learners from falling behind, we host weekly Learning Compass sessions and Group AMAs to keep learners on track with their learning modules. And allow for them to all progress together. 

What happens if a learner is falling behind?

If a learner is falling behind schedule, a Support Coach will step in to find out why and ensure that they have all the academic support that they need to reach their milestones. Similarly, our Support Coaches are there to constantly motivate learners, inspiring them to achieve their full potential by working hard and getting ahead.

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