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Our unique approach to Adult Matric

Our 18 month Adult Matric programme aims to give those adults who were unable or never given the opportunity to complete their matric when they were young, a second chance to do so. We believe that it’s never too late to have success at any age.
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Are you thinking of getting your Matric certificate as an adult? 

UCT Online High School for Adult Matric is our 18 month progamme that aims to give those adults who were unable or never given the opportunity to complete their matric when they were young, a second chance to do so. We believe that it’s never too late to have success at any age. Our doors are open to those looking to better themselves and their futures through our expertly delivered CAPS curriculum.

What makes UCT Online High School different when it comes to Adult Matric? 

At UCT Online High School, we’ve completely redefined what it means to "go" to school. Among the many benefits of getting a high school education from the top university in Africa, you’ll find that online learning gives you flexibility to schedule your learning time around your day to day activities. All of our classes and modules are fully available online, you’ll never have to sit in traffic to get to school again! There are deadlines on your modules, but when you choose to complete them in the given time frame is up to you. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can decide on when you’re ready to tackle your modules. And we’ll be there to support you along the way! UCT Online High School has an amazing group of Support Advisors and Technical Support team to make sure you’re staying on track with your work. Our mission is to accelerate access to world-class high school education, in order to unleash South Africa's potential.

How long is the UCT Adult Matric process? 

Our Adult Matric Programme is offered over 18 months to culminate in the May/June Examination Session in 2024. The programme is divided into 5 terms, with our first cohort starting in January 2023 and concluding in June 2024. The General Orientation Course (GOC) commences on Wednesday 11 January 2023.

How can I enroll for the Adult Matric programme? 

Before enrolling in our Adult Matric programme, you have to be sure you’re eligible. The programme is open to adult learners who are 21 years of age and have completed and passed a Grade 9 qualification. Upon application, Adult Matric learners must present an identity document or a study permit if you’re a foreign national. There is no need for any formal Admission Assessment. Simply fill in one quick and easy application form, available on our website - this should seriously take you less than 10 minutes. Give us some time to process your application and if all goes well, it'll take a few hours before getting an official conditional offer. To accept the conditional offer at UCT Online High School, the payment of a non-refundable Placement Fee of R2,500 is required to cover costs associated with processing an Adult Matric  learner’s enrolment. As part of the final steps in the applications process, your application is reviewed against regulatory requirements and if these requirements are met, final enrolment may be confirmed and you’re ready to get started with us!

The benefits of doing Adult Matric with UCT Online High School

1. Academic content that has been curated specifically to online learning 

UCT Online High School puts our learners right where they should be: front and centre. Our learning analytics and engaging content ensure that learners are brilliantly equipped to excel in life beyond school. Our expert team of Learning Designers, Learning Technologists and Data Analysts have worked with the best teachers this country has to offer in order to design engaging learning paths to help learners thrive in online learning, with expertly curated content videos and a curriculum which is tailored to the latest government specifications. To make sure our learners are well-prepared for exams, and grasping the learning concepts, we give them with past papers and auto graded assessments with the memos included. All of our learning material is fully online, no additional textbooks are needed except for required setworks for languages.

2. Weekly lesson plans and learning modules 

Our school works on structured flexibility, with a set-out learning path to ensure accountability and progress occurs. Academic modules are released weekly and it’s learners’ responsibility to get it done in the allocated time. When they choose to work on the module is up to their schedule, however it needs to be completed before they’re able to progress to the next module. Our online learning dashboard tracks their progress metrics and uses nudging mechanisms to alert learners when they are falling behind. We use motrain incentives to help keep our learners motivated and on track.

3. Proper exam preparation 

We want to be sure our learners are ready to ace their exams when the big day arrives by thoroughly preparing them through past papers, bootcamps and any additional support they may need. Our learners receive an examination readiness assessment per subject, with graded feedback. We set up an Examination Bootcamp to teach learners how to approach each exam with all the latest thinking and hot tips. 

4. Support from the teams you need 

  • Tech support team 

We understand navigating the online learning space can be tricky, especially if you’re a first-timer. Our reliable Technical Support Team is always on hand to make sure our learners adjust to learning online as smoothly as possible. 

  • Support advisor team 

Having a multi-layered support system is vital to give learners the encouragement, tools and support they need to master their own destiny. Our amazing Support Advisors are there to help our learners succeed by assisting with any administrative questions and helping to hold them accountable when they fall behind. 

5. Registration support 

Registering for anything can be a tedious process, that’s why we strive to make your registration as smooth sailing as possible by supporting you through the process. UCT Online High School has an incredible team of Admission Consultants to walk you through any bumps in the road leading to us. On top of that, we supply you with a step-by-step guide to help you register with the Department of Basic Education successfully and on time, and all of the necessary resources for success.

6. The student forums 

For additional support during this exciting learning journey, our peer-to-peer forum is there for adult learners to make friends, share notes, form study groups and generally connect as they encourage one another on their path to success.

Ready to try Adult Matric?

UCT Online High School for Adult Matric is for the second-chancers and go-getters, ready to unlock a new and better future for themselves and their families. If this is something you’re interested in, head over to our website for more information and to get your application in now! In an effort to make high-quality education affordable and accessible to adult learners who deserve a second chance at completing their matric, UCT Online High School is offering more than ZAR5 million worth of scholarships to the first 500 eligible adult learners.

Click here to see if you qualify for our financial scholarship. 

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