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Say goodbye to high school waiting lists

While traditional schools are having to turn learners away due to having too many applicants and not enough space, our digital schooling platform aims to bring some relief to worried parents who are facing the high school application battle by offering a solution.
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Dealing with High School Waiting Lists?

The deadline is looming for parents to get their grade 7 children enrolled into a high school for the start of the 2023 school year. However, thousands are faced with a glaring message of “unsuccessful” or “oversubscribed”. The fact is there simply isn’t enough room for every learner. Government schools are overcrowded and the cost of private education isn’t an option for everyone. Since launching UCT Online High School, we have aimed to cater to the problems of overcrowding and oversubscribing in South African schools. And because we aren't restricted by four walls, learners have an opportunity to get a top-quality high school education from anywhere in the world!

How does UCT Online High School Work?

We are an entirely online, high-quality, interactive high school supported by expert Teachers, Support Coaches and Learning Designers to ensure your child is well prepared and supported throughout their schooling journey with us. At UCT Online High School, we put learners front and centre, allowing them to structure their daily schedules to suit their learning styles. While your child would require a laptop and internet access, you save costs on uniforms, transportation and petrol!

How does the application process work?

Because nobody likes those complicated application forms, UCT Online High School has done its best to make the process as simple as possible for you. The application forms for our SA National Senior Certificate and Cambridge International curriculums should only take approximately 6 minutes and 33 seconds to complete. 

SA National Senior Certificate curriculum

When applying for the SA National Senior Certificate curriculum, the only document we require from you upon application is your child’s latest report. Upon submitting your child’s application, you should receive a conditional offer letter or a request for your child to complete a literacy test. If your child receives a conditional offer letter, you will need to secure your child's place at UCT Online High School by paying a placement fee of R2500.

Cambridge International Curriculum

To apply for UCT Online High School’s Cambridge International Curriculum, you will need to fill out our application form and pay an application fee of R750. All learners will have to complete a Cognitive Abilities Test. Once this is complete, you should receive a conditional offer letter or a request to complete an Academic Review. Once the conditional offer has been made, accept the offer by setting up billing. Upon billing setup, the placement fee of R4000 is deducted, and further tuition payments are billed monthly.

It’s as easy as that! Skip the waiting lists, apply to UCT Online High School now!

Have questions? Book a call with our friendly Admissions Counsellors at a time that suits you here.

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