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What kind of child thrives in an online school environment?

Online learning is not new, however, it’s slowly becoming the ‘new norm’ for learners across the globe. While some may be thriving under this learning system, there are still many guardians who are unsure of whether their child can thrive in this environment too. We got UCT Online High School’s Director and Principal, Yandiswa Xhakaza to break down what kind of child thrives best in an online school environment.
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The child that will thrive in an online school environment

Having intrinsic motivation and discipline

When it comes to online learning, your child will need to get things done when they need to be done without being pushed by someone else. Your child must have the desire to succeed and be willing to put in the effort to accomplish great things. We’re equipping them with the skills they’ll need when heading to a tertiary institution.

Being consistently diligent

Consistency is key to thriving in online learning. If your child is consistently diligent, online learning will work great for them. Building a routine of staying up-to-date on their class schedule, assignment due dates and modules is crucial. Setting up these habits is a life-long skill your child will need in the ‘real working world.’

Have a lot of human support at home

A lot of real, human support is needed for a child doing online learning. Guardians have to be hands-on with general monitoring of behaviour, lots of positive reinforcement, love and cheering on. General loneliness can creep in when learners are learning alone at home. While we have built a virtual community of classmates and Virtual Clubs, those can never replace the real, in-person human connection we all need. Get insight into how you can be a successful UCT OHS parent here.

Confident and growing mindset

Whether it’s online learning or in life in general, it’s good for children to have confidence and a growth mindset. They must believe in themselves and their ability to learn new things, figure things out and ask for help without being intimidated by new people and new environments. Online learning, particularly for those new to it, can be intimidating and overwhelming. It requires a can-do attitude, learners must be willing and able to push through the discomfort. 

Understanding different learners

It’s common for children with learning difficulties, anxieties and other affecting factors to make the switch to online learning to accommodate their learning needs. We accept hundreds of these learners every term and aim to make their learning journey as enjoyable, comfortable and tailored to their needs as possible. Our Teachers and Support Coaches are well-trained in facing any and all learning barriers. While we do offer the needed support to the learner and the guardians, the responsibility does lie with the guardians at home. We hold them responsible for informing us of any learning barriers their child faces, following medical suggestions and providing any software or external tools their child requires. 

You can read up more on how we support learners with learning difficulties here

If you think this lines up with your child, then let them thrive here at UCT Online High School. Our applications are now open for 2023, you can click here to apply. Or get to know more about us and how we can support your child by getting in touch with one of our friendly Admissions Consultants.

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